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Decapoda - Paguridae - Pagurixus

Pagurixus rubrovittatus Komai, 2010

Signalements dans la région de Mayotte
Pagurixus rubrovittatus (Figure 24 B-C) - Mayotte, KUW fieldwork November 2009, St. 12, La Prévoyante reef, 6-12 m, 1 male Sl 2.3 mm, Lc 4.7 mm, Lt about 21 mm, as ‘Pagurixus maorus and P. cf. maorus’ in Bouchard et al., 2009, photos p. 100, MNHN-Pg8527; St. 24, islet Handrema, 6-12 m, 1 male Sl 3.3 mm (abdomen and chelae missing) MNHN-Pg8528; St. 27, islet Mbouzi, 4-20 m, 1 female Sl 3.0 mm, Lc 6.0 mm, Lt about 26 mm, MNHN-Pg8529; St. 28, islet Mbouini, 3-20 m, 1 ovigerous female Sl 2.2 mm, big chela broken, MNHN-Pg8530; St. 30, Rani reef, 3-15 m, 1 male Sl 1.9 mm, in shell, 1 male Sl 2.5 mm, Lt about 22 mm, MNHN-Pg8531.

Distribution mondiale
Mayotte (first record in IO), New Caledonia, Chesterfield, 3-25 m.

Milieu : Marin

Substrat/Association : Association facultative au corail

Distribution verticale : Petits fonds (0-100 m) (observé à Mayotte de 3-20 m )

Remarques pour Mayotte
These specimens were first attributed to Pagurixus aff. maorus. While this study was submitted they were correctly identified to P. rubrovittatus, by T. Komai (MNHN, June 2011). Pagurixus rubrovittatus closely resembles P. maorus in morphology and coloration by can be easily separated by absence of longitudinal rows of setae on the ventral surface of the ultimate segment of the antennular peduncle. Others morphological characters useful to separate both species are in Komai (2010).

Statut du signalement - Pour Mayotte : Signalement valide

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Depuis novembre 2012, cette base est mise à jour à CRUSTA database -